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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 5, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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dark complexion. bustiers' went to video surveillance footage and identified the person in the sport of in connection with the homicide. >> reporter: sort of argument between the man in this photo and ramos preceded the shooting. the nonprofit artistic group that antonio was part of a return to the west and the location where he was gunned down. unlike last tuesday this time the board members from the community wearing brightly colored vests to provide security while work on a mural continues continuing their hunt for the man who killed ramos oakland police are now seeking the community's help. "the sum sum will identify this individual." >> reporter: california >> catherine: the fifth major 6 state in the nation to allow terminally ill patients and their own lives, brown signed off on that bill
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decision did suppress a lot of people brown says his fate was a big personal debate whether to sign legislation. passed last month after early version failed to. but the push the bill and the law was backed by britain menard terminally ill woman who moved to oregon to legally and her life. two dozen states have now introduced similar bills this year fell i'll not take effect until next year. >> catherine: in a home invasion robbery able to wrestle away the suspect's gun as you probably see in the video all caught on surveillance video. now released by san francisco police and they are still looking for the attacker. >> reporter: money around 8:00 a.m. kill finished part in his car taken in the recycling bin all the sudden attack inside his
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garage but many see wearing a gray jacket. also armed with a gun. the struggle >> reporter: moved out of frankfurt time when bill says he is able to get the upper hand. that's a"i sent him and it again small objects and got my hand on the weapon. he tried prying me off of him so now i grapple molpus he gets me on the back for a second.. >> reporter: bill was able to pry the gun away and run out of the garage. he says he tried to fire on the man but the gun was jammed the suspect ran away. bill has its competitive drive to be able to disarm the attacker. "as thinking not today cannot
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win this race among the championship suspect also left behind a knife and a beanie on his head. the victim is hoping between all those three items police will be able to get fingerprints the dna evidence help them catch the man who attacked him. >> catherine: and cisco place of the server is recovering at the department says he is almost runover around and i officer was looking into reports the car being broken into police say as he got of the car and tried to run him over and pinned against his cruiser. but trying to get away at the man hit another police car in the person arrested shortly afterward the injured officer is recovering from broken ribs and leg injuries. \ >> catherine: the betancourt arraigned on several kidnapping charges pleaded not guilty last week the former marine indicted
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for kidnapping of vallejo woman in march broken to vallejo home. kidnap denise and eventually ask for $50,000 ransom. hoskins was released in huntington beach more than 400 mi. away from home police originally dismissed the case as a hoax. june molar arrested in connection with a commendation in dublin investigators found evidence of that case linking him to avoid a kidnapping he will be back in court november 5th. >> grant: know, heading roseburg or gone to meet with victims of the mass massacre of a committee college will meet with families of those victims friday. people shot and others wounded on survivor of that massacre the shooter had a smile on his face when he began firing. "now how i survived as planning
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on waiting to see the red light. "men and shot toward the back the wall hinson stressed or nervous. often try to get down on the ground. the dog was on the ground and she got off the chair when on the ground he told the get back on the chair and she tried a comeback on he shot her. the girl"in a wheelchair was dead he turned his attention to the professor larry. the shot
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professor and started shooting everyone on the ground when i knew this is that the problem and die. >> reporter: heard the shooting make a promise to. he would spare one of the mill students. "he said philip one and let you live but need go into a police have been happening given this and amenable to give the police and asked his victims about the religion. "ask them about being kept if yes he still shot a of nowhere at owho killed he shot either
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way. >> grant: this mass shooting have the issue of gun control the provincial raise republicans said the mental health the democratic candidates hillary clinton says offering thoughts and prayers to victims is not enough. "the commission of defeat and surrender to problem killing 33,000 americans have for us to say women at a better than the. >> grant: repeal of a law exempting the dealers from liabilities for gun crimes. the question >> catherine: of safety of the new eastern span of the bay bridge reason. focus on that anchor now spotlight is on the main cable. dennis live
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tonight on treasure island with more. >> reporter: possible corrosion this time as you mentioned talking about not on the eight rods of the main cable and looks like to cables going to the top of the bridge and down but actually one. perhaps from the bottom the question is are they starting to get crowded video of that for you in the bottom of the cable gets in at the base there under the road back in eastern anchorage if you will.
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the key question is what will they do they need bigger and become first saw. several days of storms the see how much that eastern acreage is filling up then will devise a plan to keep the cable inside eastern encourage for getting wet and credit. accused major league
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baseball of stolen plans would have oakland a's moving to the south bay. then i say bought land set aside for an new stadium and argue baseball refusal to endorse the plan violated federal antitrust provisions and said the mayor says that he is disappointed here not surprised and think it's time to move on. the and >> reporter: workout and the news is the lot of upside to go with your downtown. >> catherine: 10 as a stadium deal is dead for now but and
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hopefully up hope baseball in the a's will turn their attentions back to the south bay and to build a new ballpark at and fill in oakland. with a >> catherine: weather causing chaos and felt carolina call 01 in a thousand year rainfall produced flooding and washing away homes roads alike report just had maybe has sailed into san francisco for fleet week. how this year's event aims to keep people safe in an emergency. next remembering madison middleton the event happening right now to make sure the young girl is always remembered. >> diane: let you know will warm up later on in the week and year extended forecast coming up next.
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>> catherine: beheld her mother and teacher killed in fremont police say she was killed by her own son. she died friday at her apartment a special-education as teacher of american-retired in 2013 but the telling how she died a discredit a severe her son arrested yesterday while walking along the road he is due in court tomorrow st. james missile church, the clock as the sonoma county sheriff's office
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20 former inmates beaten while in custody the adult detention facility attack happened in may 14th page complaint says correctional officers systematically and sadistically be plan detailed in some lasting more than five hours. of the men allegedly the salt that the suit also claims the beatings were videotaped department spokesperson as saying they are unaware of the beatings or a lawsuit. >> catherine: succumbs on the heels of charges of inmate abuse even murder sheriff's department looking into 100 complaints from inmates about mistreatment by jail guards the recent death of walter roach's inmate who died in his cell last monday sparked an investigation also beating death of inmate michael tyree three officers charged in the murder and the department is
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asking the fbi the help with the investigation. >> catherine: roughriders for continued work on the ballot fire goes through three counties 90 percent contained hellfires says it is the third worst fire in california history more than 75,000 a. destroyed since it began last month and four people dead more than a thousand homes destroyed their uncross salvation army have been on the scene to help in the fall of the people that were evacuated have all been allowed back into the areas that have been blocked off. >> catherine: but whether guy and is here as evil today but a little cooler. >> diane: into effect and cloud cover, the place early this morning i kept things cooler but don't get too comfortable with cooler temperatures we're going to get some like temperatures come the end of this week they live look at a live camera embarcadero show new palm trees and the flags had a boy around
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here and there because wind speeds are picking up quite a bit of the jurors right now your current numbers for you 84 livermore 781110 mid-70s for the inland valley locations san francisco peninsula sitting in the upper 60s east bay shoreline or the low '70's when picking up the flights feeling a little cooler than normal calls an hour hayward 8 for oakland even down in san jose 10 mi. an hour test plan for you 7:00 p.m. mostly cloudy conditions by 10:00 p.m. the wind gusts will pick up clothes and our will be windy for the rest of the evening here on out 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to meet conditions temperatures in the low 60s upper 50s. celery are showing why were dealing and cooler temperatures to things of that mentioned the cloud cover and winds picking up because of moisture in the neighboring states here. southern nevada pushing into southern california so wraparound moisture you see here as it continues to push out in east from where we are at.
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and these will get to us. for dealing with cool temperatures and wind speed picking up the afternoon highs to start warming things as a week goes by because of the high-pressure system following a moister you saw there and marron 4:00 p.m. between two degrees warmer inland valley locations east bay shoreline francisco on the peninsula same situation there a few days for you tuesday 78 take a look at wednesday 82 thursday closer to the '90s talk about how long this winter will last news 70 forecast coming next. >> catherine: height of the implants might affect hundreds of thousands of people the valves are not closing or opening properly possibly because of blood clots forming the problems are specifically tied to valves cows for human tissue cannot see the mechanical synthetic implants and experts have stressed not enough is known yet to change any practices in place fda says about the still seems safe and
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think they're worth the risk but urging doctors and patients to report any problems if you thinking of skipping a flu shot this year but think about your wallet full season carries an actual price tag for the entire nation cnn caron reports the impact on the bottom line can be limited with some simple steps. in addition >> gabe: >> reporter: the sneezing coughing the center for disease control and prevention says the flag carriers and economic toll for the nation every year. includes $10.4 billion direct medical expenses 6. team 0.3 billion in lost earnings for some employees and flew particularly costly for households with young children most likely become infected with the virus cdc says they found care givers of children sick with the flute medical expenses between $304,000 depending on the severity of illness for kids and adults fighting fall/winter
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holes and a flute easier by putting certain items in the grocery cart yogurts can help prevent colds mushrooms who show promise and boosting immunity water other fluids clinic: your system hot pepper spices clear sinuses honey souvenir tin throw full season typically takes between january-march cdc warns it is unpredictable and timing varies every year that's why they recommend getting vaccines now in the fall 31st annual free week the case of san francisco next five house city military using the week to prepare for the event of an emergency later how one feisty dog scare off to big there's
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>> catherine: of santa cruz girl murdered in july and the surge
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tradition of honoring your daughter madison would return nine today. others posting a huge celebration in honor vicki is live in santa cruz tonight and has more. >> reporter: public park in the birthday any child's birthday if his from madison middleton the little eight year-old girl the person killed in her apartment complex. the party going on right now is being dubbed medicines today a big has just finished singing happy birthday there are bibles balloons as you see here a lot of fun but also very emotional and spoke with her mom laura and will have that interview a very additional interview coming up on the kron 4 news at a clock.
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>> catherine: the league has kicked up in san francisco might not realize the event is a lot more mature residents are safe in any emergency. early monday morning members of a military conflict week gathered here at pier 50 to go through a series of drills and city officials plus local agencies the salvation army that luckier this is the utility vessel of see you can transport military trucks packed up a by water to the docks and bridges were out the mayor at least up to a large group. looking at
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earthquakes only turf. >> reporter: nearly two-thirds of the vehicles including this minibus converted into a mass casualty unit the the director of emergency management says that. second of a fire truck puzzle different. >> catherine: of compliance on events and free week and was a popular sites and then when it
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gets the feedback on the ground defenses live and tell us when he about merrill's dives of severed cisco expect this see him live on the news at 6:00. beginning at 2:00 p.m.. the floods have devastated parts of south carolina the floodwaters continued to rise and a live report from the hardest-hit areas next at 530 also had a cause for change after a walk and boss jim thompson love
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>> catherine: at 539 people dead after devastating storms hit south carolina over the weekend that the. umber could go up 40,000 people are without water 26,000 have no power cnn, los
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and of all join the flight from columbia felt carolina of like a lot of problems are just beginning. >> reporter: just right away i can tell you that number casualty count has gone up the last few moments of dating at saying instead that 12 as a result of three purchase of a traffic accident clearly there is concern because see more when floodwaters receded by as mentioned now that there is over and the search all that rainwater rivers streams like the one is there one reason this is closed and a key concern of the service several streams could be on the rise ec police behind me what you see through colombia as there is concern that the threat is far from over. the chart powerful currents move
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the vehicle and the intersection not everyone was so lucky a week and a record rainfall repast on south carolina parse the state were hit with 25 in. of rain officials calling us all and have 1000 rainfall hundreds of national guard and air and water rescue teams scramble to pull residents from rising waters. water officials warn are on the move. it could take days for roads and the hardest-hit areas of the state to become accessible. earlier today at
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assignable are still on edge we had actually set up on the bank of crete bringing new images of the russian waters when first responders plan telling us to evacuate and away from the water concern the water levels would rise in fact 5 mi. north of here the dam officials say has already been breached the heavily damaged keeping most water back nonetheless officials are quite concerned that damage could get worse were the reasons why will find police on every corner here keeping people in their homes. . the curfew >> catherine:? the: >> reporter: absolutely the curfew in effect yesterday tonight we see it again and place 7:00 p.m. eastern and its expected to continue through 6:00 a.m. with interesting people are staying off the road in both directions and not seeing any allow folks walking
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around anymore to our so ago and people making their way out on the streets phones and hand wanting to capture this moment in history this is something they've never seen before. >> diane: storm systems not only affecting that part of the country also the west coast portions of it as south west is the see the satellite rate are pushing through loss angeles moderate rain shower and the southwest of phoenix parts of southern nevada unfortunately for us we know we need the rainshowers here in northern california the storm system will not get to us pushing north east as it moves further of what were doing instead is cooling things down bringing and clouds and of wind speeds unfortunately we will not be getting any rain out of that and some real hard pressure system pundit for a week here. 9:00 p.m. with a cloudy skies 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning partly sunny conditions temperatures between 56 floccose
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59 for inland valley by noontime those clouds make way for sunshine and gradual clearing finding time with those clouds. overall look of utter tempters here with this matter by 10:00 a.m. and cooler temperatures for east bay shoreline severances the peninsula of for '60s by 10:00 a.m. in any transition the fog 1:00 p.m. you see here as we push the daytime high upper 70's up in the mid-70s for east bay shoreline as mentioned cooler temperatures because the storm system in neighboring states but what is in place and talk about that in your 74 have come next/ >> catherine: with coast guard found remains of one person during its search for the cargo ship customer believes that containerships sank with 33 people aboard in the bahamas last week as hurricane lockean passing over this area at two lifeboats each carrying 40 people and lifeboats were found
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but with family members better still hoping for some good is. >> catherine: scar is no longer looking for ships and is putting the pr that disappeared. >> catherine: undertrained at derailed when it was heading to vermont from washington to cars
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left the tracks and over the embankment and the town of northfield vermont 98 people on board taken the hospital in vermont and new hampshire for treatment. >> catherine: all top candidates to get our political novices jeb bush 10 cruise have not broken into double figures here democratic voters still favor hillary clinton over bernie sanders early has not changed from zero month ago. >> catherine: speaker john maynard delaying of elections for two key leadership post and plan with their options and is there is a secret ballot election held only for the
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speaker of floor vote and will happen by october 29th record majority leader from bakersfield and congressmen are running for house speaker: security running investigation into the secret service that issue agents properly accessing internal databases to look up the job application for jason and later became a member of congress the decision to reopen comes at the secret service director changed his story about 21st learned agents were looking into the background agent in washington first lit up his 2003 failed to job applications for the secret service 18 minutes after utah republican convened a hearing in march alleged allegation of drunken and and house and is involved to some regions homeland security investigation found top secret
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service officials encourage colleagues by e-mail to release records to embarrass him what questions about the 49ers' offense after this weekend's lost and hear what the team coming up at 545 next to california bears learn not to mess with the french bulldog.
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the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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the from >> grant: jellaba charging after the bears in southern california to the bears in the video other lurking just off-camera cubs take off joules the bulldog no regard for her safety question of judgment perhaps. >> grant: the park was big fortunately no biting 20 lbs. protecting her at home in the drought wildfire in the area made paris other animals frequent visitors to his property and that's why he's installed motion activated cameras the dollar him to any
5:42 pm
time in battle in the area also boarded up his young daughter's bedroom window the having any bearing on the property. >> catherine: details of a new price like the happiest place on our. >> diane: the venture is cooler today with the clouds could we expect warmer temperatures
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>> catherine: the of >> catherine: are now has signed the right-to-die bill happen today and tonight we hear from the husband and his battle to keep memory alive pushing for the new law at the top of your and kron 4 news at 6. in the five third straight week week and slanting and other foreign matter at the criticism, and capricorn the cries adenosine
5:46 pm
any adjustment payments are on the horizon the work stoppage and consulate and despite all that and the three game losing streak the coach says that he is staying with the starter. the plan >> reporter: reason coaches may be the case. that record is not showing signs of improvement and other week the frustration revolves around the offense: catholic 5 pixel passing touchdowns the last two games.
5:47 pm
you pull >> reporter: the team hasn't dropped at least 40 points consulate could care less about " moral victory and said concern about what has what is made of. "a good lot of them and putting like crazy right now because. the four high school itself picture send us a picture of your schools-school football game submitted to our web site kron4news-dot-com or posted on twitter face but that if the gramm.
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>> diane: sky that the golden gate bridge area about this location here in particular it put its cover as it progresses and the next couple hours airshow in coastal fog will keep things cool for overnight hours tonight with the commission's 663 spatial and 70 and inland valley at 10:00 p.m. the wind speeds pick up lamellar hour when guston p.m. and this should stay overnight by 5 million mostly sunny skies 60 degrees and in the ballet's here's what they're dealing with the cooler temperatures that moisture wraparound moisture and the surrounding areas down in southern california pushing also in the southwest for us and not picking up for when speeds in the slot cloud cover over night and keeping temperatures cooler future cash 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a lot has a clause in
5:49 pm
place and across even in the east bay shoreline cities the fishing of the concord livermore and then position the 10:00 a.m. particle's back and in the valley of down in the south bay get around 3:00 5:00 and then automatically appear partly cloudy skies and then east bay shoreline north bay more sunshine overall temperatures the cloud cover the surrounding of keeping things cool of less today. with a warm- up in place some detailed daily city it's about 68 degrees and beat down the south bay warm-up to quickly midmorning hours north face same situation where
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mill valley in the morning and then the 7 day forecast for you through each day a week here wednesday 82 degrees and then thursday but the upper 90s and warmest day of those week only for people that are like the happiest place on earth and . disneyland raising prices for annual pass holders 70 hundred $79 to $8,079 the pass is good for a mission any time to disneyland also california adventure and spend bigger attendance at disney theme parks recently company says is changing the pricing in order to handle bigger crowds then expecting that. as for the attraction is open for single-
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day admission if they remain unchanged $99. traders >> catherine: stocks ended up the dow gained more than 300 points set francisco internet company twitter also ended up seven points today on wall street shares closing $28.15 and market data and reports comes on the same day twitter announced it has a permanent ceo winners and losers he talked about with financial expert brought black. "big news for the seventh fiscal eighth quarter jack is back for good. this book has 1.5 billion users twitter 300 million ethiopians to gramm 400 million him coming back see all the blood pressure if the company couldn't of dwell will say wiry and ceo to companies that think he's the only man for the job
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unfortunately and the question is to meet federal we have instead of this book and other messaging platforms. flagon"with a list of the company didn't catch up with the sheep to be a mission test will flatten in big trouble half million cars in the west should admission tests and lore the emissions during the test during normal driving 40 times over the political level as the world out there. million in the u.s. like tess lot electricity is the way to go for future of cars. vw spend hundreds of millions of dollars to come up with a diesel engine that was clean only problem commission for a clean and all ultimately the debt of the vw's some people saying they may not have enough money to within half.
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>> catherine: sleuthhounds romances big news this weekend and. setter debbie in los angeles with more on the story. >> reporter: inside hollywood celebrity date night to. the couple praise to other states together. with their marriage on the rocks that have like jennifer gardner reunited for sunday worship service. leading church yesterday casually dressed feelings speculation they are on the mend look closely jen's ring finger at his bare. in austin jennifer anniston and false what node
5:57 pm
formal debut at married at the season to premier hbo show the leftovers just and reasonable and about marriage on dna. "funding does shift and a wonderful way. this snapshot that post auden's to gramm. >> reporter: 12 years since crazy in love can out those two still crazy in love to me so much understory on seven.
5:58 pm
one of >> catherine: the right to die on her own terms area woman can do that in california will husband talks with us tonight of the governor changed a lot and then will try and finesse letter ready for fleet week back on the ground after a wild ride with the blue angels don't go away kron 4 news at six starts in 90 seconds [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations
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for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. >> catherine:now at six. it's official. california will become the fifth state in the country to allow terminally ill patients to end their own lives. today. governor jerry brown signed the right-to-die legislation into law.
6:00 pm
grant lodes joins us with more on today's historic signing. grant. >> grant:the governor spent a lot of time thinkking about his position on this.talking to professionals on both sides of the issue. the lifelong catholic and former jesuit seminarian ultimately supproted it.writing in part: "i do not know what i would do if i were dying in prolonged and excruciating pain. i am certain, however, that it would be a comfort to be able to this bill and i wouldn't deny that right to others." recently, brittany maynard has become the face of this fight. she moved from her bay area home to that she could choose when she died during her battle with terminal brain cancer. she peacefully ended her life last november.after gaining national media attention for her her the right to die on their terms. since brittany's death, her family, including her late husband. has been supporting the cause. with her husband today. justine he fought relentlessly
6:01 pm
to get this law passed. dan diaz told me. brittany would be proud of. and grateful for. the passing of the "right-to- die" legislation. and that getting to today's victory. was heatbreaking at times. during my last interview with dan. he told me made a promise to his dying wife. that he would get the law passed this year. and that it did. shows the determination and efforts of so many people. when i spoke with him via skype today. dan said brittany just wanted the choice of how to die. and now that others can make that choice. he finally feels a sense of relief. it was a tumultuous year the ups and downs of the legislative process at times were taxing but compared to what i went through last year and for sure what brittany went through last year
6:02 pm
this was a walk in the park.sniff the "right to die law" allows doctors to prescribe medication to end a patient's life. if two doctors agree the person has only six months to live. and is mentally competent. the law starts now on january first. dan also told me. the critics under-estimated his wife. thinking they could ever stop her from getting what she wants. >> catherine:senator diane feinstein issued a statement on today's signing. she says, "my gratitude to governor brown for signing the end of life option act into law today. he was absolutely correct to do so, and i'm grateful. i've seen firsthand the agony that accompanies prolonged illness. for both. .patients and loved ones. and this bill provides a compassionate, kind option." >> catherine: the sinified a
6:03 pm
person of the chest has the committee and has more on the search for the. >> reporter:on monday several artists returned to west oakland to continue their work on the super heroes mural project. the west oakland site under the 580 freeway overpassis the location where one of their fellow painters antonio ramos was recently gunned down. having turned up a major break in the caseopd homicide investigators were on the scene as well "since the shooting last week homicide investigators have continued to go back out in our community, re-contact witnesses and also look at other video surveillance footage, through that process we were able to locate a person of interest through that surveillance footage combined with witness decription of what the suspect this is a still photo of the man witnesses say killed the oakland of argument
6:04 pm
"investigators believe someone will recognize the person in this photo" oakland police and crimestoppers are offering up to 10-thousand- dollars for information leading to the arrest of the person who killed antonio ramosin oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> grant: >> grant: >> catherine:a benicia teenager accused of killing his family was in court today in el dorado county. nolen buchannan is accused of murdering his father, seven- year-old brother, and father's prosecutors want to try him as an adult. all three were found dead weeks ago in the family's burned cabin. there was no allegation in the complaint about the house catching fire with the bodies inside. adam buchannan was the owner of a construction company in high school. stephen tyler thompson arraigned
6:05 pm
in court today. for the murder of his mother and her stepfather. two victims are lori thompson valley. dead in their mobile home. sources say the weapon used in the violent killing. was a wrench. police say steven thompson was found in the home at the time possibly having a drug overdose. his mother told neighbors beofre her death she planned to kick her son out. a man was attacked by a gun wielding assailiant in his own garage in the outer sunset and it's all caught on video. the incident happened last monday morning. kron4's maureen kelly talked to the victim who believes he was targeted. >> reporter:moments after taking in his recycling bin around 8am bill oxidean.who is wearing a white striped shirt is attacked by a man wearing a grey jacket.who was carrying a gun. the two grappled in the garage for several minutes.the fight going in and out of frame.
6:06 pm
bill says the tables turned when he was able to get his hands on the suspect's gun.and not let go.finally he was able to pry it out of the man's hands.and ran out of the garage.he says he tried to fire on the suspect but the gun was jammed. he says part of the reason he was because he sensed something but there was other suspicious activity a few hours before the him on his cell from a blocked way she is pulling her hat over a surveillance camera and she's few minutes after she leaves.and could be a third accomplice.walks quickly in and security camera in the first place.because someone tried to break into his apartmentt two weeks ago. he thinks someone was i don't come off like a tough guy.someone sees me and they think i'm erkel, i'm carlton.they put a gun on me and i'll hand them my life
6:07 pm
savings.not this time around bill says he learned to defend himself growing up in a tough east oakland neighborhood. since before the new eastern >> reporter:the main cable is what holds up the east span of the bay bridge while it looks like two cables, it is in fact one that circles under one side and goes back down the other the key question is what's happening to the base of the cable which
6:08 pm
is inside the eastern anchorage located here just below the road deck. in these just released minutes from a july committee meeting discussing water infiltration on the bridge and corrosion, dr. marwan nader the engineer of record says he "is more concerned about the water inside the east anchorage ." because "the cable structure is the most important element in this bridge and needs to be protected."
6:09 pm
sot the bridge is safe, the cable is safe bridge spokesperson leah robinson-leach maintains the bridge is safe, and suggestions still, there is no argument that eastern anchorage they will buy a plan to what to do kron 4 news. >> catherine:president obama will be heading to roseburg oregon friday. to meet privately with families of the victims of the mass shooting at umpqua community college. the campus was open today - but there were no classes. students could pick up their belongings. and had the option of talking with counselors about the tragedy that unfolded last thursday. a heavily armed student walked into his class. and opened fire --- killing 8 classmates and the there was a gunfight with police. we learned over the weekend
6:10 pm
that the shooter -- christopher harper-mercer - shot himself and died. it's a day in history the college president wishes was not real. part of the sandy hook club. but this is not a club we wanted to join the not want to be part of this club where numbers should sandy hook the new town connecticut elementary school shooting 26 people shot and killed by following gunman in roseburg nine people injured in that attack harder that cnn cam reports they are telling stories of heroism and survival course referring to the newtown >> reporter: the warm all over
6:11 pm
me if that's what i knew it was real. to rival"is telling their stories after she says the daughterly survived because a classmate protecting her./ "the sudden i felt his body as a move towards mind part of his body with online. the believe in the last moments amid a conscious effort. she >> catherine: under christopher hart for reportedly left behind a manifesto and that package included a reference to
6:12 pm
not having a girlfriend and everyone was crazy his mother told investigators her son had been struggling with mental health problems. >> catherine: her came walking causes real chaos across these coast fishery the damage left by the deadly storm dramatic scene in the midst of week and a behind-the-scenes of today's emergency drill effort to bring you oakland a's said jose fails and the u.s. from court more on today's ruling. this is the dawn of an old day.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
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>> catherine: the upshot of the court's refusal to hear a sound they antitrust laws against major-league baseball. decision blocks the team's move to san jose police been at the executive but vice-president of operations talk to reporters before. . >> catherine: 80 and deal is dead for now and still holding out hope major-league baseball the eighth will turn their attention back to the south bay and efforts to build a new ballpark fail again in oakland.
6:16 pm
>> catherine: reaction from fans san jose mayor. >> reporter: he welcomed the nba championship: state warriors to town for tonight's game s&p center simple cargo load failed effort to bring up today is the san jose inaction surprise no one supreme court refused to hear san jose appeal of its antitrust claims for allegedly stalling plan days to move to silicon valley. as opposed for self pictures with the warriors championship trophy for a eighth and are disappointed by a high court's ruling.
6:17 pm
i knew a good more games. >> reporter: argue major-league baseball is interfering with its plans to build a new downtown stadium for the a's parents that the acquired land near the station khmer seventh time in bond and court's decision certainly looks like strike three. some fans here still hold out hope major-league baseball will once again turn its attention back to the south bay. and efforts to build a new ballpark and up and fell or 15 considers leaving the bay area. >> catherine: number of military
6:18 pm
members for flics the leaders say it really is a good time for practice emergency drills and in fact a minibus that the converted to a mass casualty net. entreat large numbers of people hurt in a disaster during the drills today military workers team up with local officials revealing severance discuss plan for any catastrophe. "civilian assets on a military vessel connections to this extrapolate that out can we make that happen rapidly and repeatedly. >> catherine: tours of the bus turned into an ambulance and
6:19 pm
then give praise military officials for all the help of a weeklong of fleet week activities planned expected to draw a involved in the people of san francisco especially for the air show huge favorites during the week the pilots will be practicing the fda faa i should say warning everyone to get drawn grounded temporary flight restrictions with a 5 mi. radius will be in place at various times beginning thursday and if the violators try flying a drone that will face a very defined. >> grant: on the scene look of the blue angels jeff maneuvering through the skies over san francisco will transfer its see him right here and finish flying in one of those planes.
6:20 pm
i did not pass out and never cute a. everyone wondering about that people over there civilians cannot the see the blue angels. one taking of any moment for the practice run this have this handy put it in a pocket mirror reached for it for the flight the incredible grant you did last year i thought someday to get this in the last person tick off the hardest part of the people came back the the take off or legal like an elevator strike option but does the most fun part at the end anything else you want to do ennis' uncanny kick off again he says slatkin do that any went fast that the runway but when fast and went straight up again as the most enjoyable part of. they already did take off again when mr. like 30 seconds of sofa and. credible once-in-a- lifetime you did this last year
6:21 pm
the pilot must about as cool as my pilot captain jeff because when he landed for flights within the one hair out of place i came out and absolutely the soaking wet so that might want this to have the strike cleaned for. ursula will hold week long flight week we know the intense practices will take place on thursday friday kron 4. have you covered we will get the video for you and said the station you will see my flight at 8:00. but to put this as far as i know i did not have out there remember all of the maneuvers other people the world before me said they don't remember their member going in the maneuver and then the next thing they remember going straight. ember everything you might even hear the roar he's getting ready to take off as you know that is distinctive pony all you know it takes off and when it lands to huddle and of that and i was inside short
6:22 pm
off so distinctive. but house >> grant: faster top speed was? the philatelic easy on you ruin you from throwing.? yes however think i'd try looking over my shoulder and see their he is going down another runway hit supersonic about 700730 m.p.h. and i enjoyed it thoroughly and has about 7.2 g's talk about that so if he was backing off bank goodness it was all right a lifetime but. of a good handle any more a tool to bring down on the last person and nobody will care if i have to throw up. we go back and to
6:23 pm
allow the tape at 8:00 tonight and see if in fact he made it through. the trend on the morning stang likely for us tonight will leaving before that and said it will afford your story tonight at 8:00 just getting started will angel's flight week whole thing going off high-flying thrills will really go on this saturday afternoon kron 4 very proud and happy to bring the blue angels live as we do each year the saturday afternoon at 2:00 see my ride from three years ago we close at our website. >> diane: cooler temperatures today a very few clouds during the daytime that some changes as we head into the evening hours a. overnight temperatures right
6:24 pm
now still dealing with mid-70s and the delegation's the '70s for east bay shoreline mid-60's for severed since the peninsula. wednesday's the onshore breeze places like oakland 7 mi. an hour and of our headword out a valid reconditions when he 34 conquered 10 out in livermore 9:00 p.m. " conditions will. in off the coast of 7:00 a.m. partly sunny conditions gradual clearing around noon temperatures will be slightly warmer compared to today and three degrees warmer you feel the warmth of a letter on a week here is why we have the low pressure system here in the region and south of us of causing cooler temperatures also the cloud cover that we are seeing in the overnight hours we will bring any rain showers and a higher pressure system off the coasts so with doing what from the coast pushing into our region and that will warm things
6:25 pm
up for us dealing with some like temperatures come the end of a week after new highs tomorrow 4:00 p.m. feeling with rubber '70s will eighth the valley mid- 70s for east bay shoreline and upper 60s low seventies for the coast notice of the transition each day of the week and gets warmer 78 tuesday wednesday 82 closer to '90s come thursday and explain how long this warming trend will laugh and a 70 forecast and a few minutes. >>atherine: and warplane dropped to drop the bomb over serious injury though it was released. of the controversy over how textbooks refer to slavery publisher is responding.
6:26 pm
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6:31 pm
>> reporter: 40 will become the fifth state nation to allow terminally ill patients to end their own lives using prescription medication. jerry brown signed at the right-to-die bill today. legislation passed after 21 year-old brittany california woman with rankin throughout oregon to end her own life the. the bay area woman thought to see this law passed. her husband tells me burden would be so proud and grateful to see the right-to-die legislation moving forward.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: and for the suspect in this camera video attacking a man inside sunset rush. happened last monday at 8:00 a.m.. men in gray jacket is the suspect also armed with a gun. and the white structure is a victim the to grapple for several minutes before the victim was able to cut wrestle the the way he says he tried to pull the trigger but the gun was jammed and the suspect got away. >> reporter: questions about corruption causing safety issues this time the focus is on the main cable. close up and down from the suspension span to cables but actually one that wraps around the and the question is as water getting into the eastern anchorage before the road back how much is getting in there and as a starting to crowd the cable.
6:33 pm
officials with the bay bridge say there is no evidence to the active roster at this point but they are keeping an eye on it waiting for the first rainstorm to come at that point they will see just what have to be done to protect the cable in the meantime the bridges safe. >> reporter: children's birthday party in the park that any child mrs. for madison middleton eight year-old girl killed in her apartment would of been 9 years old her mother doubleness madison's day all over santa cruz be invited to partake the thing had the birthday of the child still very much on people's minds. for a >> reporter: elite more than blue angels in the air this event the gulf to make you safe
6:34 pm
look all these military vehicles taking part in a drill in the case of emergency severances residence those who work here would be trapped in this drill using members of the military in town for a week to team up with others to go through scenarios how it get under the fire trucks and the city here in san francisco. transition >> diane: and the russell week we have ordered the jurors had the moral high as 4:00 dealing with two degrees warmer along the coastal regions then move over the state'shoreline save anywhere between 35 degrees warmer 74 san leandro some anti-castro rallied on fremont venture envisioned in an guy locations 5 degrees warmer as the day goes by a week goes by we have warmer temperatures in place because the higher pressure system off the coast of pushed onshore
6:35 pm
warmth to our area with clear skies tomorrow and dealing with average 80 degrees for the south bay to the north bailey as scattered clouds center fell mill valley in the morning hours gradual clearing right around 11:00 tomorrow morning plenty of sunshine for the north face is as well in the afternoon hours 75 sonoma and napa 78 fairfield 49 degrees and a 74 cassette mention warmer temperatures transitioning by midweek 82 wednesday 87 thursday the warmest day for thursday the rest of the week friday 86 degrees clear skies in time phil began. >> catherine: people dead after a devastating storm hit south carolina over the weekend that number could rise 40,000 people are without water 26,000 have no power cnn, los and of all has the latest from columbia south carolina. >> reporter: more problems than those reins is sought out here in the last couple days is the
6:36 pm
after effects for example all that rain pushed creeks river streams and dance to the limits now even leading to more mandatory evacuations in the region prolonging the pain for so many families here floodwaters to control this chalk powerful currents move the vehicle to the intersection in this case people escape safely not everyone was so lucky week and a record rainfall the tab and south carolina some parcels they hit with 25 in. of rain officials calling this a one nfl's and your rainfall 550 road bridges close as hundreds of national guardsmen air and water rescue teams scrambled the pole residents from the rising waters. the waters officials warned are on the move.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: take days for roads in the hardest-hit areas of the state to become accessible despite that warning from officials we continue to see people heading out to see firsthand what these historic floods look like meanwhile we know nine related deaths have been reported by officials they do worry " if orders received we could potentially see more bodies. >> catherine: fallen to a police chase and california how long it took officers to catch the suspect coming up next.
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6:40 pm
>> grant: warplane dropping bombs over syria come down here in the second ago, situated on a bill of the plane video of the actual explosions also released resumed and that no word where exactly in syria the bombs landed but russian government says it was targeting ices. >> grant: angeles today a peaceful end to a police chase house following a driver in the black car fear that their real
6:41 pm
value downtown l.a. no word what prompted the pursuit this guy gets out of their 30 minutes the driver surrendering without incident. >> catherine: years on the one that got away in chicago the foreign debtors tried to regroup after another terrible performance by their offense and quarterback that story in all sports coming up
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: a real rough three weeks for the 49ers in particular, and paprika 3 points yesterday against the green bay packers like guy loses his conference during groundballs and the 40 niners scored only 48 points through four games. and in the first quarter the worst
6:45 pm
49er offense since 1977. this poor guy jimmy time has to try and come up with something. >> gary: of sunday new york everyone talking catholic including less than the sports show. the triplets got down. "should be be in a leper not aware given the lineup sometimes it takes that the leadership to show young man exactly what needs to do it and one teammate
6:46 pm
back and pulled aside and say hey this is what's happening this is what you should be doing check-in here checking their at the thought there'd takeoff run be yourself as think right now he's in a situation where it doesn't know how we as the guy entering his third game road had struggles all three of those guys 9:00 every sunday night if you have a self picture from their high school game ended the kron 4 and have a little fun that will showcase set on sports show every sunday raiders almost had it in the bag their car got off to a nice start raiders of 14 the six early in this contest chicago: 3 prefigure oakland could very well be 31 fearful touchdown
6:47 pm
throws but murray had a rough afternoon fumbling the football in the fourth quarter robbie a 49 yd wind 2220 chicago jack del rio now to into and as always you hear coach say it was a mistake with some very good young talented football players not going to be a common situation expect the plan while the adult they learn from that move forward. what if >> gary: back guy a head coach in league with a player longtime defensive coordinator of the dario the state would be done in the past to make us
6:48 pm
think it going to turn around the raiders look like they're going up there forty-niners well better do something and do something quick a guy more than likely played last game for the sharks these receive the longest suspension and nhl history will be out for 41 games all legal check to anaheim player during an exhibition game the 59 the first. when you start letting close to the head nothing but trouble suspended four times find three times once twice all for hits the head and forfeit $440,000 in salary and no the comeback always a hater of sport the teleplay when they suspended 41 games your bad actor and the sharks have to see that this and
6:49 pm
i'd be surprised if he's back to the final 41 and day at the baseball season ends guy unseats and ties his the giants talked about payroll and improving the pitching rotation is options including high and options some very excellent candidates on the market and we'll pay a lot of attention to them don't get them focused on them only cause a lot of different ways to include this rotation a general manager billy being promoted himself the vice president of operations longtime assistant david forces now that do gm will still the same would one do and the head looks different hello more
6:50 pm
involved and i have been less fiers as it relates to player development i think when bryant for the same way and we and with t-notes matt williams manager last year before the washington national fired today real sad one cc sebastian the vallejo native is not going to be in pro season play for the yankees check themselves into an alcohol rehabilitation center coming off the worst year of his campaign and obvious now get something really troubling him taking care of it his " my family got to take care of them for a side of my teammates obviously the right thing to do so had general mills
6:51 pm
is recalling more than a million boxes of cereal. >> catherine: randy tate of the shelves of
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> catherine: the snowman drug women assaulted them there could be more victims out there tonight at 8: 3 cheerios not so
6:54 pm
fast and a mill is recalling 1.8 million boxes of cereal labeled the problems with offloading flower california facility have contaminated four days' worth of the product this recall affecting honey nut cheerios classics serious and real box with a better if used by day of july 14, 2016 bottom line might contain a week as uncut customers with we allergies with about a cyclical company feature of soft drinks finally here pepsi is releasing pepsi perfect the same sort of a container time traveler marty drink in the movie this collectable drink available october 21st if you're really in the know you might remember the same date smart money make flight travel to and 1989 movie
6:55 pm
only really 6500 of these on- line they cost $20.15 each. >> diane: as we get to each day wore three degrees warmer each state more 78 for inland valleys year highs for the 73 for east bay shoreline 70 degrees along the coastal regions partly cloudy skies thursday the warmest day of the week at 87 degrees warmer like amateurs cup this season i at a clock
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> mylie up all saturday night and sunday morning. >> and are ben and jen back together?
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>> the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. miley. you did a great job. >> miley was up all saturday night and sunday morning. insider s&l takeover, wardrobe changes and tearful performance. ♪ oh, what does it mean >> then jen and justin's first red carpet as a married couple. but are jen and ben divorcing or dating? while ben keeps cameras from falling face front. >> and we're behind the scenes of bindi irw emotional tribute to her father, the late
7:00 pm
crocodile hunter, stev >> i would hope that dad would be proud of me. >> and keanu reeves gets held hostage. >> i like being tortured. it was fun. >> good to know. >> inside his tense new film that hits a little too close to his own home invasion. >> i was up 24 hour security if that happened to me. >> who says i don't? >> hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. move over, sasha and malia. meet america's new first family. no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. that is the kardashian girls and all their cove glory and no surprise, not everybody is happy about the latest crowning achievement. >> twitter went crazy. let's start with the wom who took a wrecking ball to "saturday night live's" epic season premier. miley cyrus. the party in the usa did not stop there. no. no. no. let's go inside miley up all night lon ♪ ♪ can i get a hell no


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